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Business Review - Pearson Education - School

School: overview

Our School business contains a unique mix of publishing, testing and technology products, which are increasingly integrated. It generates around two-thirds of its sales in the US.

In the US, we publish high quality curriculum programmes for school students covering subjects such as reading, literature, maths, science and social studies.We publish under a range of well-known imprints that include Scott Foresman in the elementary school market and Prentice Hall in secondary. Our school testing business is the leading provider of test development, processing and scoring services to US states and the federal government, processing some 40 million tests each year.

We are also the leading provider of electronic learning programmes for schools, and of 'Student Information Systems' technology which enables schools and districts to record and manage information about student attendance and performance.

In the US, more than 90% of school funds come from state or local government, with the remainder coming from federal sources. Our School company's major customers are state education boards and local school districts.

Outside the US, we publish school materials in local languages in a number of countries. We are the world's leading provider of English Language Teaching materials for children and adults, published under the well-known Longman imprint. We are also a leading provider of testing, assessment and qualification services. Our key markets outside the US include Canada, the UK, Australia, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

School: 2006 performance
£ millions 2006 2005 Headline
Sales 1,455 1,295 12% 6%
Adjusted operating profit 184 147 25% 17%

Significant share gains in US School publishing

* In the US, 20 'adoption' states buy textbooks and related programmes on a planned contract schedule or 'adoption' cycle. The level of spending varies from year to year with this schedule, depending on the number of adoptions in the largest states and subjects. In 'open territory' states, school districts or individual schools buy textbooks according to their own schedules, rather than on a statewide basis.

  • Pearson US School publishing business up 3%, against an industry decline of 9% (excluding Pearson; 6% decline including Pearson) (source: Association of American Publishers), as we benefit from our sustained investment in new basal programmes and innovative digital services.
  • Pearson takes the leading share of the new adoption market*: 30% of the total market and 33% where we competed. #1 or #2 market share in reading, maths, science and social studies. Total new adoption opportunity of approximately $670m in 2006, down from $900m in 2005.
  • Innovative digital programme for California takes #1 position and a 43% market share in elementary social studies. Digital curriculum services being developed for new adoptions.
  • US School new adoption market expected to grow strongly over the next three years (estimated at $760m in 2007; $900m in 2008; $950m in 2009).

School Key Performance Indicators

Graph: US School sales growth versus industry - 2005 (i)Pearson:12.1%; 2005 (ii)Industry:9.9%; 2006 (i)Pearson:2.7%; 2006 (ii)Industry:(8.8%). (i)Pearson's total year on year sales growth in basal and supplementary product in the US. (ii)the year on year sales growth of the US industry excluding Pearson. Graph: Adoption cycle win rates - 2006:33.0%; 2005:32.5%. Pearson's market share by value of new business in US adoption states. Market share is quoted as a percentage of the total value of adoptions that we participated in. Graph: Testing contract win rates - 2006:41%; 2005:51%. The lifetime value of US school testing contracts won by Pearson this year as a percentage of the total lifetime value of contracts bid for this year.

Strong growth and continued share gains in school testing

  • US School testing sales up in the high single digits (after 20%+ growth in 2005), benefiting from further contract wins, market share gains and leadership in onscreen marking, online testing and embedded (formative) assessment.
  • Acquisition of National Evaluation Systems (NES), the leading provider of customised assessments for teacher certification in the US, with contracts in 16 states including Florida (won in 2006) and California (renewed in 2006). NES expands our testing capabilities in an attractive adjacent market.

School technology business broadened

  • Acquisition of Chancery and PowerSchool enhances our leading position in the US Student Information Systems (SIS) market. Integration on track and good growth prospects as schools upgrade information systems to manage and report data on student attendance and performance.
  • Organic growth and margin improvement continues in digital curriculum business, Pearson Digital Learning. Continued investment in new generation digital products to meet demands of school districts for personalised classroom learning.
  • Four product nominations in six categories,more than any other education company, for the Software and Information Industry Association 'Codie' awards. The products are: Prosper, a formative assessment tool for 'at-risk' students; Write to Learn, a web-based tool for learning to read and write; Chancery SMS, a student information system for middle and large school districts; and California History-Social Studies.
  • Our technology now touches the lives of many students. The SIS business provides assessment, reporting and business solutions to over 29,000 schools servicing more than 25 million students. PDL's digital curriculum solutions have helped raise the achievement levels of over 20 million students. We have around 3 million students and teachers registered to use one of our online school learning platforms in the US.

Good growth in international school

  • International testing businesses continue to benefit from technology leadership. In the UK, we have marked over 9 million GCSE, AS and A-Level scripts on screen. In 2007 we will roll out Results Plus across the UK, providing students, teachers and parents with online access to question-level examination performance data.
  • In school publishing, UK launch of ActiveTeach technology provides multimedia resources for maths and science teaching and brings market share gains. Market-leading school companies in Hong Kong and South Africa outperform their markets.
  • Acquisition of Paravia Bruno Mondadori (PBM), one of Italy's leading education publishers. Good progress in integrating publishing, sales and marketing, distribution and back office operations with our existing Italian business, and in sharing content and technology.
  • Successful launch of regional adaptations of English Adventure (with Disney), our worldwide English Language Training programme for elementary schools, in Asia and Latin America.

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