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Pearson Education - Overview

Pearson Education is the world's largest publisher of textbooks and online teaching materials. It serves the growing demands of teachers, students, parents and professionals throughout the world for stimulating and effective education programmes, in print and online.

In 2006 Pearson Education had sales of £2,877m or 65% of Pearson's total. Of these, £2.2bn (75%) were generated in North America and £0.7bn (25%) in the rest of the world. Pearson Education generated 68% of Pearson's operating profit.

Pearson Education competes with other publishers and creators of educational materials and services. These competitors include large international companies, such as McGraw-Hill, Reed Elsevier, Houghton Mifflin Riverdeep Group and Thomson, alongside smaller niche players that specialise in a particular academic discipline or focus on a learning technology. Competition is based on the ability to deliver quality products and services that address the specified curriculum needs and appeal to the school boards, educators and government officials making purchasing decisions.

We report Pearson Education's performance by the three market segments it serves: School, Higher Education and Professional.

Pearson Education: outlook 2007

We expect School to achieve underlying sales growth in the 4-6% range; Higher Education to grow in the 3-5% range; and Professional sales to be broadly level with 2006. We expect margins to improve again in School and Professional, and to be stable in Higher Education.

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